What accent does Evan Peters use to play Jeffrey Dahmer in Monster?

Was Jeffrey Dahmer Really Kicked Out of the Army? by Aysha Ashley Househ

Did you see Monsters: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer still? The new Netflix series, now streaming on the platform, takes us into a fictional retelling of the life of murderer and sex offender Jeffrey Dahmer and the story of his victims.

The serial killer murdered and dismembered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. Some of his murders also involved necrophilia, cannibalism, and the permanent preservation of body parts. Hard to believe he got away with so much violence for so long.

Unfortunately, part of this was due to systemic racism and its impact on the police force. Since Dahmer is a white man and his victims are usually underprivileged people of color, he somehow committed the crimes in full view.

Evan Peters gives a haunting and harrowing performance that brings the Dahmer version of the show to life all too well. The talented actor is great at portraying calm and awkward characters with a dark side. And then when Dahmer kills, it’s like a switch flips. Part of bringing this terrifying character to life on screen is the way Peters speaks. What accent does he use?

Was Jeffrey Dahmer Canadian?

Jeffrey Dahmer was not Canadian. The accent Peters uses on the show is the American Midwestern accent. Dahmer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He grew up primarily between Wisconsin and Doylestown, Ohio, where his family later moved. He spent most of his life between the two states, both of which are in the Midwest, hence the accent.

In addition to Peters as Dahmer, the series also stars Richard Jenkins as Lionel Dahmer, Molly Ringwald as Shari Dahmer, Niecy Nash as Glenda Cleveland, and Michael Learned as Catherine Dahmer

Monsters: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer is now streaming its 10-part season on Netflix.

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